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Week One: What is Histamine Intolerance?

We break down the science and get you started on the right testing for root causes, setting up mindset for success, and recommend key supplements to support you on your healing journey.

Week Two: Nutrition for a Low Histamine Diet

Here you will find a low histamine diet, sample recipes, and how to expand your diet!

Week Three: Healing Your Adrenals

A step by step guide to heal adrenal dysfunction (and manage cortisol!)

Week Four: Healing Your Gut

A comprehensive approach to rebalancing the microbiome, healing intestinal permeability using lifestyle, supplements, and nutrition.

Week Five: Histamine and Hormones

An explanation of why histamine symptoms flare during parts of cycle and what you can do about this.

Week Six: Genetics & Your Long Term Plan

We will set you up for long term success!

**DISCLAIMER** Histamine Intolerance Healing and all materials are for educational purposes only. The program has not been evaluated by the FDA, or any government body. The opinions expressed are the opinions of Root Functional Medicine and are not meant to replace your physician’s advice.

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