Our Healing Histamine Intolerance Course may re-open in 2022

Before we tell you about this life-changing program, let’s talk about who this course is really for –

We took the best of our knowledge on functional medicine and histamine and created a step by step guide for people who tell us things like:

“I’m tired of spending hours googling my symptoms, reading conflicting information and just want to know why I’m feeling this way and how to start feeling better.”

“My doctors haven’t been able to give clear answers either, and I’m pretty sure I have histamine intolerance.” Or, “I’m tired of just being prescribed another pill I know is not going to work. I know I need to learn more to get to the bottom of it.” 

“I am self motivated. If only I had the right information and tools and someone to guide me, I could start feeling like myself again.”

In summary – 

Who this course is for:

  • People who want answers for why they have histamine symptoms (itching, rash, congestion, constipation or loose stools, headache, fatigue, etc).
  • People who want concrete steps to reduce/eliminate histamine systems.
  • People who are tired of conflicting nutrition advice about what to eat on a low histamine diet.
  • People who are tired of following a restricted low histamine diet (spoiler alert – low histamine diets are a short term solution and we teach you how to move past restrictive diets by getting to root causes)
  • And because we’re not interested in wasting your time or money – 

Who this course is not for:

  • People who are NOT ready to start healing now.
  • People on a strict vegan diet (our meal plans in this course include animal protein).

What’s included:

We’ve helped people from all over the country find the root cause of histamine intolerance and we want to share our knowledge and process with you.

This course goes through the same steps we take 1:1 with clients, but at your own pace, with MORE in depth information than we have time to review in visits and at a fraction of the cost. 

You’ll have access to information you won’t find anywhere else on what actually works for histamine intolerance. This is the ONLY histamine course taught by IFM certified doctors and dietitians with masters level nutrition training.

This course includes: 6 weeks of video modules, guides, worksheets, a low histamine food plan and sample recipes.

We’ll outline the steps, diets, and best supplements to heal your gut, heal your adrenals, and lower your histamine bucket so you can feel like your best self again.

Course Outline:

Week 1: Introduction – what is histamine intolerance? what testing options are available for root causes? Getting started by setting a healing mindset.

Week 2: Nutrition for a low histamine diet. How to eat a low histamine diet and then be able to re-introduce histamine foods.

Week 3: Healing your adrenals. The stress – histamine connection. We offer many tips for stress reduction and steps to heal adrenal dysfunction.

Week 4: Healing your Gut. Histamine is absorbed and metabolized in the gut. We need to repair the gut to resolve histamine issues.

Week 5: Histamine and hormones. Is histamine intolerance worse at certain points through your menstrual cycle? There is a reason for this! We’ll tell you how to calm this and the mood changes associated.

Week 6: Genetics and long term plan to take control of your histamine bucket

Let’s get started

Right now you probably have –

  • A large supplement graveyard of what didn’t work
  • Worry about what you’ll eat for dinner that won’t cause symptom flares
  • Anxiety about the unknown of what is causing you to feel this way
  • Any or all of these symptoms: Itching, trouble sleeping, gas, bloating, irregular bowel movements, PMS or moodiness, headaches
  • Spent too much time researching things without conclusions and not enough time enjoying your life

After this course you will have –

  • A clear supplement schedule for nutritional needs, gut health, and histamine support
  • A clear temporary food plan with steps to start expanding your diet and to stop worry about how you’ll eat anything at your next outing
  • An understanding of root causes of histamine
  • Knowledge on what is going on in your body and how to calm chronic histamine symptoms.
  • Your hours of time spend googling random websites without credentials now spent enjoying your free time!

Some possible outcomes of this course (are what we’ve seen happen with the same steps in our own clients!)

  • More energy
  • Clearer thinking/Less brain fog
  • No more running to the bathroom 
  • Less bloating and stomach discomfort
  • Resolution of skin rashes
  • Reduction/resolution in headaches
  • Less anxiety and/or moodiness

And most importantly, you’ll learn how to take control of your health and histamine symptoms!

This course is for education and there is no guarantee of outcomes as each person is unique. We’ve put the best of our experience and knowledge together from what we see help our own clients. 

This course is for education only does NOT include medical advice. The statements in this course have not been evaluated by the FDA and are the personal opinions based on experience and research done by Root clinicians. Please consult your own doctor for any medical concerns.

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