Root Functional Education

The steps and tools to start healing now at your own pace.

Find Your Root Cause

We’ve helped people from all over the country find their root cause. Together, we’ll share our exclusive knowledge with you.

Nourish Your Mind

Our online courses provide the steps we take with 1:1 clients, but at your own pace.

Top Resources

We begin with education but also offer support through a supplement shop, access to testing, and exclusive worksheets.

Root Functional Education Courses

Dr. Erica Armstrong — Founder & CEO.

Lifestyle For Long-term

Functional medicine isn’t a one size fits all approach. Our in-depth evaluation will help transform your lifestyle to feel well for the long term.

Steps, Tools, and Healing How-To

Video modules, guides, worksheets, surveys to find your root cause, food plans, and sample recipes included in each course.

Learn From The Professionals

Our doctors are MDs, with training through the Institute of Functional Medicine and our dietitians are Registered Dietitians with Masters in Nutrition. We use a true functional medicine and food as medicine approach.

Looking For More?

Root helps solve and prevent health problems through education, functional medicine, advanced testing, and nutrition. Explore more of our services today.

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